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Welcome to my world. Be afraid...

The site had been a work in progress now for a while, and will always be, updated with trip information, images & more will be added as I get the chance to travel around the place.

Compared to the old GQ I had for over 5years, I've done a fair few kilometers now across varied locations and terrain. Sand, snow, dirt, mud, and some rock in comfort compared to the old bus!

So far I have been lucky enough to see a very small part of the remote areas Australia has to offer, but have a few large trips planned, Flinders Ranges again up to Ayres Rock, Simpson Desert should be eye opening!!!

I wish I could afford to quit work and travel! But alas, that isn't the case.

Enjoy yourself looking around at some of the pictures from regions such as,

  A quick taste through the Flinders Ranges South Australia
  The Beaches of Robe South Australia
  The High Country Victoria,
  The beauty of Fraser Island Queensland
  The Magical Murray Sunset National Park Victoria
  And much more :)

Anyway thanks for dropping by. Enjoy!