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Here you see some photos of my travels around Victoria. The first 3 sets of photos are from a trip to Murray Sunset National Park.
Stunning area, my second time there, and really appreciate the peace, quiet, and surrounds of the region. Well worth checking out.


The next lot of photos are a mixed bag from up around Bendigo Region of Victoria. Some nice areas, the good thing about 4wding, that it doesnt always have to be challenging to be enjoyable, and this area we had a great time with the wildlife and excellent scenery.


Here are some photos of a dusty day adventure up to Mt Dissapointment, and then the other end of the scale, an early trip up the High Country in the snow :) Stunning area of Victoria, you really should get up there. The last set were round January and June, up Jamieson, and the North area of the High Country past the staircase, coming out around Powers Lookout.


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Anyway thanks for dropping by. Enjoy!