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Why did I choose the TD6? A very wise man, who happens to be a car wholesaler mate called me up and said he had one forsale :)Well it was probably the easiest decision I have ever made.
Smooth lines, reliability, bulletproof motor & driveline availability of spares and accessories new or second hand, they are everywhere!

I wanted another strong truck, similar to the GQ, not an ugly box on wheels with plasticine diffs. Some of the parts are interchangeable with my old GQ so that was another consideration for saving money.

The GU has been around since late 1997(called 98 model) in various guises
  • 4.5 N/A Petrol 6 Cyl - Good engine but a big motor, so thirsty

  • 2.8TD Diesel 6 Cyl - Strong engine, but very underpowered.

  • 4.2 in 3 models, N/A, Turbo and Intercooled Turbo Diesel 6cyl. Underpowered, but BULLETPROOF..

  • 3.0TD Diesel 4 Cyl - Better known as "the grenade".

  • 4.8 Petrol 6 Cyl- Great engine but a big motor and thirsty, but can really get going with a turbo, or blower. So if economy is no issue, go with it.

    Sadly the rumours of the next model Patrol (if one eventuates) will have IFS. Great for shopping center mum's but little else. Nissan better pull their finger out with a competitive engine, as they are being left well behind in the power/reliability stakes!

    The TD6 was the last in the TD42 life span, which has been going since before 1988! This engine is also used in Nissan Forklifts.

    The TD42 engine is an inline 6cyl 4.2 Turbo Intercooled Diesel (TDi), pumping out approximately a whopping ~75kW from the factory. It is no powerhouse on paper but it isn't designed to be a race car, but for reliability it would easily be top 2 factory fitted 4wd motors out there.

    One downfall of the 4.2 diesel is they do not come in Automatic gearbox from factory, I had this modification done to mine, but the project failed. I went with the wrong people. Life is full of regrets :( So its now back to a manual.

    One very good thing about the TD42, it loves powerups, eg turbo work, high boost, and you only have to look to see how many are out there in competitions to know they are a good thing some of the competition trucks are running +20psi boost with intercooling!

    So my baby has had the works by Andy K at Diesel-Tec in Lilydale. Currently its running a Garrett Turbo, and pumping out around 130kw and 523Nm at the wheels.. Healthy increase over standard, but its now SOooooooooo smooth to drive...

    The TD42 is well known if regularly serviced to run past 600,000klms without a problem, with one example here in Melbourne running past 560,000klms in his 89 GQ. When the owner removed the head, you could see the cross hatching in the bores from new - good maintenance is the key, oil and filters every 5000klms is a good idea, but each to their own.

    I have different plans for this compared to my GQ, this will be very tame, no 6in lift, no body lift, and Simex's etc. The GU will be setup more for touring and club trips. I would like to see some of this country before they block/ban/change/add fees everything, or make it so every fart in a Volvo can drive there.

    So thanks for looking and get out there and see some of Australia while you still can..

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    Anyway thanks for dropping by. Enjoy!