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I've done a few klms so far, but not as many as I would like. Work and other things always seem to gets in the way! Not much of the map touched so far, only Victoria and South Australia.
Fuel prices aren't helping anyone but Mr Fudds pockets.

So far, we have travelled to South Australia, NSW, Queensland, and few trips around Victoria, with a 3 week trip to Flinders Ranges next year in the planning.

Having plenty more trips on the wish list, including more around the High Country, Noogee, Wonangatta, Dargo, Swifts Creek, and possibly Simpson in June-August and maybe Fraser Island Next November if I win lotto. Also exploring a lot with my new club, great to meet like minded people for once.

Victoria New South Wales South Australia Tasmania Queensland Northern Territory Western Australia Australia - Map Not to Scale

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Anyway thanks for dropping by. Enjoy!