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Here you see some photos of my travels around South Australia. The first 3 sets of photos are from a short trip to the Flinders Ranges.
What an area, words cannot describe how stunning this whole region is and how tough it must have been back in the day of early explorers, with the early camel trains, cause its hot as, dry as hell out there even today!


This next set was from a rare club trip. It used to be an annual event, but died off, so I resurrected it for a few yrs. Another great area of Aussies South. The local club there, the Wattle Ranges 4WD Club have done some incredible things working with the local council, to make sure that everyone can find their way round this region without the need to be able to read a map! Something all clubs, councils, and associations can learn from. Well done to them.


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Anyway thanks for dropping by. Enjoy!